Taste Cheshire Food & Drink Festival

Mr Vikki’s

Mr Vikki’s is a multiple award winning Indian chilli pickle, chutney and sauce producer based in the Lake District.

Since 2005, former chef Adam Marks has been dedicated to making his unique small batch sauces using quality fresh ingredients by hand.

Adam is extremely passionate about his work and is constantly creating new products and perfecting his recipes which is why Mr Vikki’s now have over 30 products in their range, which have won 110 awards.

If you love spicy foods then this is the stand for you-We recommend the Banana Habenero sauce which took four years to perfect and has won 3 gold stars in the great taste awards and is now one of their most popular products.

image of many jars of spiced sauces , chutney and curry blends set up on a exhibitors table with red table cloth. man behind stand wearing a hot stuff tshirt.