Taste Cheshire Food & Drink Festival


Wineomania is a Herefordshire based family business, working with both local and global wine producers to bring you wines of outstanding quality. They offer wine tasting sessions in your home or workplace as they believe you should choose wine to suit your own personal tastes, rather than having to rely on ordering from the opinion of others when ordering without trying first. All of the consultants at Wineomania have a minimum of 10 years experience in the wine industry. Wineomania take the guesswork out of selecting the right wine by avoiding mass produced wines and sourcing their products from small producers from all over the world, putting quality wines and value for money at the heart of everything they do.

image of dark blue Wineomania 6x3 meter open gazeba with three seperate seating areas consisting of a metal table with three metal chairs for wine tasting , two fridges containing many bottles of wine and two tables made from barrells on either side of the gazebo-each with three bottles of red wine on them.