Taste Cheshire Food & Drink Festival

The Yorkshire Kitchen

The Yorkshire Kitchen is a homegrown Yorkshire based business run by Sarah and Jamie and was born out of their love of brandy butter at Christmas,  Sarah began making her own recipes each year which then developed into experimenting with other types of alcoholic and non alcoholic flavours, they all tasted great and became a hit with friends and family and so ‘the Yorkshire Kitchen’ was born.

They use the finest Yorkshire butter to make their butters which come in a range of infusions such as brandy, whisky, coffee, caramel, chocolate and vanilla all of which make great accompaniments to desserts like crumbles, pies, brownies and biscuits!

Image of flavoured butter sauces displayed in a 4/3/1 triangle formation, the butters are in glass jars and come in a range of flavours such as whisky, brandy, chocolate and caramel.