Taste Cheshire Food & Drink Festival

The Special Cider Company

The Special Cider company is a family owned business. Their premium ‘Cider House Special’ was created by a unique recipe which was specifically developed for the Cider House Quatt, near Bridgnorth since around 1976, but upon realising that this distinctive cider was too good not to share outside Shropshire they began making 330ml bottles and casks to sell throughout the UK.

This sweet light-coloured cider is bursting with flavour and is made from British Apples, and is easy on the palette making it the perfect accompaniment to Indian curries and fish dishes.

image of light coloured cider in 330ml sized bottle label reads cider hoouse special established in 1976, image of apple tree on bottle. the bottle is on a table next to a bowl of noodles and vegetables.