Taste Cheshire Food & Drink Festival

The Great British Cheese Company

The Great British Cheese Company returns to Chester with their multi-award winning artisan cheeses.

Cheese is life for these award-winning producers, and they are dedicated to producing quality cheeses that are packed with flavour!  Great British Cheese Company’s master cheesemaker has had skills passed down from generation to generation since 1875 , and is a judge in the international cheese awards, so you will understand why Great British Cheese company’s cheeses taste so good!

There are so many incredible flavours to choose from, from The drunken monk, to Lancaster bomber or sticky toffee-tastic, you are bound to find the right cheese (or ten!) for you!



cheese stand consisting of large refrigerator filled with various truckle cheeses, background of stand has great British cheese logos placed on board. man in front of sign serving a piece of cheese to sample.