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Small Farmers Coffee Makers

Small Farmers Coffee Makers Limited represent the men and women of the Jamaica Blue Mountain Farming communities who come from generations of coffee farmers who work the land with passion, pride and love to  produce coffee with extraordinary quality and taste.

They are proud to be environmentally friendly, with each grain of coffee being handpicked by makers that walk for hours to the farms high up on the Blue Mountains, crossing rivers and streams and using traditional methods of transport such as carrying sacks of freshly picked cherry coffee on their heads or carting it on a mule.

Small Farmers Coffee Makers limited stock a range of coffees from various farms in the blue Mountains of Jamaica so be sure to chat to the knowledgeable team about the different blends and strengths as well as the coffee farming communities they come from which is at the heart of everything they do.

image o different blends of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee in bags and jars