Taste Cheshire Food & Drink Festival

Jinger Drinks

Discover the magic of Jinger drinks! The CEO of Jinger drinks produced this great range of ginger based drinks because she suffers from arthritis so she made a juice from ginger and turmeric,  which are both well known for having and anti inflammatory properties, she found that this really helped with her condition, and as well as reducing pain made her feel more alert. Jinger was created as a quick and convenient way to help other people on their health journey. Their range has expanded and now includes mint, pineapple, garlic and beetroot which come in handy shot sizes as well as 200ml and 500ml bottles.

image of hand pouring shot of orange liquid into clear glass. glass bottle in front of hand which contains nearly full bottle of orange liquid. label reads Jinger Turmeric and Ginger non Alcoholic.