Wine Chateau | Taste Cheshire Food, Drink Festival | 16th- 18th April 2022

Taste Cheshire Food, Drink Festival

e a specialized wine shop based in Wellingborough that appreciates the consumers and value the drink awareness principle.

Our purpose is to bring to the market wines that will create a lifestyle.

We outsource our products from world wide recognised wine producers that won various medals for the quality of products and friendly environment processes.

By making available these wines, we think that for us is essential to differentiate a good quality from a quantity choice.

Our story

After traveling across East Europe, we had the opportunity to discover in Moldova a hidden gem of wines. The country’s passion for wine has inspired us to create a family business. We are pleased to share and introduce you to an exquisite taste that hides traditions and culture of a country with a respectable wine heritage.

Our vision

We are aiming that each glass of our wines will enrich your life. Our presence at every celebration, event, or meal will be the perfect companion to promote a gracious way of life through wine.

Our land

The wines are produced in Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) vineyard areas in Moldova. Our suppliers provide selected wines from selected grapes assuring quality in every bottle under an exhaustive control from the wine to the glass.

Taste Cheshire Food, Drink Festival is a trading name of Chester Food & Drink Festival Limited.
Chester Food & Drink Festival Limited is a limited company registered in England and Wales.
Registered number: 05364122.
Registered office: Soughton House, 2 Nicholas Street Mews, Chester, CH1 2NS.
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