Andalucian Olive Company | Taste Cheshire Food, Drink Festival | 16th- 18th April 2022

Taste Cheshire Food, Drink Festival

The Andalucian Olive Company located in the Municipality of Almeria, produces some of the finest quality olives in the whole of Spain. We have been associated with olive farming and the production of extra virgin olive oil for many years picking all our olives by hand, using no pesticides and always with the ultimate respect for the environment.
The Andalucian Olive Company is a family run business with a deep passion for olives and their many health benefits, what started as a passion producing olive oil for family, friends, and neighbours is now a truly global business, selling our olive products including olive leaf, olive soap and of course our exceptionally high quality extra virgin olive oil to many countries around the world. Since the beginning our aim was always to create something organic and sustainable, by promoting the importance of sustainable agriculture, by protecting the environment we can make sure future generations will also be able to enjoy the benefits of nature that we do today.

Taste Cheshire Food, Drink Festival is a trading name of Chester Food & Drink Festival Limited.
Chester Food & Drink Festival Limited is a limited company registered in England and Wales.
Registered number: 05364122.
Registered office: Soughton House, 2 Nicholas Street Mews, Chester, CH1 2NS.
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