Eva Humphries | Taste Cheshire Food, Drink Festival | 28th -30th August 2021

Taste Cheshire Food, Drink Festival


Eva Humphries, DipION, mBANT, CNHC, is a leading BANT registered
nutritionist with a realistic approach to healthy eating.
Having spent a large number of years working in the IT sector, Eva knows that
dieting rarely promotes positivity and the majority of us are just too busy to follow
rigid programmes.

She believes that smart nutrition is about adding in nutrients, or simply eating
more of the good stuff, instead of avoiding every “bad” food group.
A self-appointed carrot cake expert and appreciator of good food, Eva’s focus is
to make healthy eating about delicious dishes.

Her easy to follow, energetic cookery demonstrations create the kind of recipes
that are nutritious, are big on flavour and can actually be recreated at home, all
whilst providing a bit of light-hearted healthy eating education to attendees.
When not on stage, Eva is busy with her popular nutrition courses. She also
provides wellbeing talks for businesses, speaks at conferences and writes for
magazines, all in the name of telling the world that nutrition is just about eating
more whole foods, not about going on a diet.

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