Curtis Tonge | Taste Cheshire Food, Drink Festival | 16th- 18th April 2022

Taste Cheshire Food, Drink Festival


“Sustainability is so important to me in everything that I do. At The Forge, cooking, preparing and eating beautifully and consciously sourced free range and wild meat is as sustainable as it gets. It fits into my ethos entirely and I can’t wait to show the public what it is we do here that makes us so special.”

Curtis has been working in kitchens since he was a young boy and has spent his career working with some of the greatest chefs in the UK, with a particular passion for sticking to his Northern roots. Curtis has worked alongside Liam McCay at Chefs Table as well as Simon Radley at The Grosvenor Hotel. As well as this, Curtis has trained under Lisa Allen Goodwin of Northcote, and had the opportunity to cook at Obsession working alongside 17 of this country’s greatest chefs with a collective 22 stars between them.

Before joining as Head Chef at The Forge, Curtis was amongst the team to open Ellis Barrie’s Lerpwl.

“I hugely believe in the ethos of the restaurant and Mike (Robinson) is a culinary hero. The best possible sustainable produce cooked simply but with each ingredient elevated to the point that each dish is the best it possibly could be.”

A signature dish for Curtis on The Forge’s menu is Hand dived Orkney scallop baked in its shell in hot embers with apple, roe, sea herbs, xo, dashi, served on a bed of Kombu noodles. “The xo is made in house by dehydrating English scallops and brown shrimps, them caramelising with Asian inspired aramats until you get a sticky, chilli, umami jam.”

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